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I am a passionate fan of classic rock (and related music) with nearly 30 years experience writing about it for daily/weekly newspapers and magazines. I am also the author of "Slippin' Out of Darkness: The Story of WAR." Available on Amazon!

Eric Clapton’s Life, Loves, & Lean Guitar Strings

BOOK REVIEW Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton by Philip Norman 448 pp., $30, Little, Brown & Co. Among music book scribes, Philip Norman stands near the top in terms of influence and skill. His 1981 Beatles tome Shout! set … Continue reading

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Judy Collins on Stills, Songs, and the Summer of Freedom

As musician couplings go, the romantic tenure of singer/songwriters Stephen Stills and Judy Collins was fairly brief – less than two years in the late ‘60s, as both of their careers were in sharp ascension. She as a folksinger and … Continue reading

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CCR’s Doug Clifford Keeps on Chooglin’

While it’s easy to assume that the Year in Rock 1969 was wholly dominated by English acts like the Beatles (Abbey Road), the Rolling Stones (Let it Bleed), the Who (Tommy), and Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin II), there was heady … Continue reading

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Ace of Cups Runneth Over…50 Years Later!

Here’s a quick challenge: Discounting the mostly-singing girl groups of the ‘60s, name an all-female rock band. Go! Most people will cite the Bangles or Go-Go’s. Or maybe the Runaways. Music nerds might even pull out Fanny or the Shaggs. … Continue reading

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The South Rises Again with The Dixie Dregs Reunion

This year’s tour by the Dixie Dregs – titled “Dawn of the Dregs” –  marks the first time that the classic mid-‘70s lineup which released the band’s first two albums The Great Spectacular (1976) and Free Fall (1977) have played … Continue reading

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Dennis Tufano: From the Buckinghams to Bobby Darin

One would think that a band whose members were barely out of high school – but had the #1 song in the entire country – would be able to celebrate without restriction. That achievement happened for the Buckinghams in February … Continue reading

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Journey’s Jonathan Cain: The Great Believer

    That’s when we last saw New Jersey “sanitation engineer” Tony Soprano at Holsten’s Diner waiting for his family. He punches in Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” on the booth jukebox. Wife Carmela arrives (perhaps the 1981 number had special … Continue reading

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