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I am a passionate fan of classic rock (and related music) with nearly 30 years experience writing about it for daily/weekly newspapers and magazines. I am also the author of "Slippin' Out of Darkness: The Story of WAR." Available on Amazon!

Heart by Heart: Of Magic Men and Barracudas

Asked to name any members of the band Heart, most casual listeners would be able to mentally cough up sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. After all, the vocalist and guitarist/vocalist have been the “faces” and most photographed of the group … Continue reading

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Kenny Loggins is Still Alright

Tom Cruise and Kenny Loggins are forever intertwined in pop culture by the 1986 high-flying action flick Top Gun. The actor as the star and driving onscreen force, and the musician for his hard-edged performance of the film’s theme song, … Continue reading

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A Fab Five Pay Tribute to Beatles on Hits-Laden Tour

Note: This article originally appeared in May 2022. This tour is no longer ongoing. Glancing at his jam-packed concert schedule for 2022, it’s easy to assume that Todd Rundgren is looking to make up for stage time lost to the … Continue reading

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For Little Feat, It’s Columbus Day Every Day!

According to The 1970s Rock Rulebook, every performer or band was required to release a double live record album. For some acts, it broke them out in terms of popularity and recognition (KISS, Peter Frampton, Cheap Trick). For others, it … Continue reading

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Classic Rockers Nazareth Keep Surviving on 25th Album

Ah, COVID, you bastard! You have not been a friend to so, so many Classic Rock bands who had ambitious and wonderful plans to celebrate a 50th anniversary of their founding or first album in 2020…or 2021…or 2022. That includes … Continue reading

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American History: Dewey Bunnell on 50 Years (Give or Take) of Music

Among Beatlemaniacs, there’s a famous 1963 interview clip with the Fab Four in which they’re asked what the future might hold when the bubble inevitably bursts on their showbiz career. Ringo Starr—apparently serious—said that he fancied opening a string of … Continue reading

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Gilbert O’ Sullivan is Not Alone Anymore

In the spring of 2020, the UK-based Gilbert O’Sullivan was excited about coming to the U.S. in April for his first tour of these shores in a while. Then, of course, the world (and the entire concert business) shut down. … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Band Fanny Reserves the Right to Rock—Again!

In the last issue of Rolling Stone produced in the 20th century, a bevy of musicians were asked what musical issues they’d like to see remedied or addressed in the 21st. In a quote that was pulled out to feature, … Continue reading

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The Two Tastes of Ambrosia

Sometimes, bands can have two entirely separate musical lives. There’s the group that casual listeners “know” from their successful, Top 40 hits. Then there’s a different side understood by more hardcore fans and deep cut listeners. Such is the case … Continue reading

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The Gin Blossoms Get Miserable Again

Note: Since this article was originally published, the Gin Blossoms postponed their anniversary tour when bassist Bill Leen broke his arm. It has since resumed. It was March 2019 and the last chords of “Cheatin’” rang out over the audience … Continue reading

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