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I am a passionate fan of classic rock (and related music) with nearly 30 years experience writing about it for daily/weekly newspapers and magazines. I am also the author of "Slippin' Out of Darkness: The Story of WAR." Available on Amazon!

The Two Tastes of Ambrosia

Sometimes, bands can have two entirely separate musical lives. There’s the group that casual listeners “know” from their successful, Top 40 hits. Then there’s a different side understood by more hardcore fans and deep cut listeners. Such is the case … Continue reading

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The Gin Blossoms Get Miserable Again

Note: Since this article was originally published, the Gin Blossoms postponed their anniversary tour when bassist Bill Leen broke his arm. It has since resumed. It was March 2019 and the last chords of “Cheatin’” rang out over the audience … Continue reading

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Robby Krieger Opens the Doors of His Memories

Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing Guitar with the Doors By Robby Krieger with Jeff Alulis 432 pp., $29, Little, Brown and Company Of all the classic rock bands, the Doors might have the most solid connection … Continue reading

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Gina Schock of the Go-Go’s Gets Snappy in Her Book

Almost as much as music, Gina Schock has had a love for an interest in photography for her entire life. And that includes before, during, after, and again during her career as the drummer for the Go-Go’s. Backstage, onstage, at … Continue reading

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Rickie Lee Jones Won’t Run Out of Chances

It’s common for musicians to feel that their work lets listeners into their minds, their souls, or their hearts. It’s less common that fans are invited into their actual homes. But that’s what many artists did — at least virtually … Continue reading

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Yes Keyboardist Geoff Downes is on a Proggy Quest

Note: Since the original publication of this interview, Yes drummer Alan White passed away in March 2022 at the age of 72. When MTV celebrated their 40th anniversary, the old trivia question about “What was the first video ever played on … Continue reading

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The Many Mugs of Stevie Van Zandt Come Together in Memoir

When talking to the multi-hyphenate man Steven Van Zandt, it’s a challenge to pick which version of him to start off with.  The musician who’s the best bud of Bruce Springsteen and core member of the E Street Band, but … Continue reading

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The Violent Femmes Revisit Their Avian Roots

Note: This interview originally appeared in September 2021. The Violent Femmes are just three gigs into their first live shows since the pandemic started. And singer/guitarist Gordon Gano is pretty much just picking up from where he left off. “Well, … Continue reading

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The Metal Magic of Ronnie James Dio Shines in Posthumous Autobiography

Rainbow in the Dark: The AutobiographyBy Ronnie James Dio with Wendy Dio and Mick Wall264 pp.$28Permuted Press When Ronnie James Dio—announced in 2009 that he had stomach cancer, it certainly gave him an impetus to complete the autobiography that he’d … Continue reading

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John Mellencamp’s Life of Roots, Rock, and Rebellion

It’s telling about John Mellencamp that his nickname, “Little Bastard,” is not only a sobriquet that he revels in, but does his damnedest to live up to. His tough-as-nails/loud-as-a-motorcyle-engine persona and songs have helped define an image and put him … Continue reading

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